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Vita White - 30 CAPSULES

Get beautiful inside out!
Vita White is a specially designed Skin Whitening formula. The Glutathione content in it along with other potent and worldwide renowned natural ingredients make Vita White an effective and popular natural skin care Whitening Formula. The whitening supplement acts as an antioxidant that cleans the liver, takes out the free-radicals and brightens you inside out. It is safe for everyone, regardless of age or gender. This complete body and skin care product is 100% guaranteed to brighten the skin without any side effects. On regular consumption, positive results will start to appear.

Brightens and Glows Skin
-Antioxidants refreshes the body and skin
-Cleanse the liver and takes out free radicals from the body
-Repairs the skin at cellular level
-Complete Skin Care Formula

Take 1-2 tablets of VITA WHITE once a day with water preferably after meals for best results

Vita White does not only brightens the skin but cleanse the body from within as well. This can prove to be the best skin care product out of all the other Beauty Items available online. The main reason being that all the ingredients used in it are natural and have no side effects.

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